Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sexy Sketches - 30 Minute Ester

Thought to have some fun today and try out a 30 minutes challenge to see what could be done with a blank piece of paper and a short deadline, lol.  Granted there are some parts that didn't get properly cleaned up, but that's the whole point of the challenge.

This here is supposed to be Ester from the Ben 10 Omniverse show from Cartoon Network.  Hoping to get a chance to draw her again and rest assure there will be alot more then what 30 minutes can get you. ^O^


Ester/Ben 10 © Cartoon Network

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sexy Sketches - FlutterButt

Off we go into another sexy sketch!  Having returned back from another painful year at College, it was nice to be able to grab some scrap paper and start up some new work.  This time though we got Fluttershy from MLP as well as some perspective too!

The idea for the image was half based off an unfinished sketch and a bit based off a sexy pose from a hentai comic page (sadly can't get anymore outside a file name with 22 random numbers, lol).  Made some changes to them both to make the end result you see here but thought it was only fair to mention it.

Either way, hope at least someone enjoys the pic and soon to be more sexy sketches coming along this year!

PS - Apologies if I suck on doing angles/perspective.  I'm working on it. ^O^


Fluttershy © Hasbro/Lauren Faust

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sexy Sketches - Vendra Prog

Well this one took a bit longer then expected, what fun!  Would like to blame all manner of schooling with them forcing you study in/at every moment in your life like you have NOTHING else to do, good job guys!

This here is Vendra Prog the Space Witch as seen from the recent Ratchet and Clank title, Into The Nexus.  Experimented a bit and tried for a slimmer figure and no she isn't underaged or meant to be.  All girls in this wretched blog are NOT underaged.  Other then that, enjoy the pic! *shakes claws in the air*


Venda Prog © Insomniac Games

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sexy Sketches - Gwen

Happy New Year to one and all!  Had an afternoon to kill, so off we go to the drawing board!  Thought to get some more practice on drawing legs/feet and you wouldn't be incorrect to point out it needs some work, lol.  But that's the reason all the sketching is being done in the first place ladies and gents, all for the greater good of drawing!

PS - Gwen Tennyosn up there from the famous Ben 10 show.  Also, I'm not striving for a under 18 feel here.  I'm just drawing a character I never tried before, salright? *thumbs up*

Ben 10/Gwen © Cartoon Network

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sexy Sketches - Korra's Goodies Version TWO

Well if you first don't succeed, try, try and try again!  Had gotten some second thoughts to the recent sketch of Korra and feeling that it still needed some work.  And so, off we go back to the drawing board! *cheers*

Think this is much more pleasing for everyone both for the fact you can tell its Korra part of her face being shown and even the better placement with the hands/fingers.  Its not perfect, but its definitely looking improved as compared to before, lol.


Korra © Nickelodeon

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sexy Sketch - Korra's Goodies

Was feeling a bit rusty lately so wanted to try out a little sexy backside of Korra from the Legend Of Korra!

Wanted to experiment with seeing how the anatomy work would hold up and in terms of trying to nail Korra's look, not sure if things came out looking good or bad.  Korra herself lacks alot of those defining features unless your looking at the front of her face, so I did the best that could be done.

There's still some errors with the lines here and there and the hands looks a touch off for some reason, but hey another update is up, booyah!


Korra © Nickelodeon

Friday, December 6, 2013

Sexy Sketch - TentaShy

Hot damn, done and finished this in just a matter of  an hour or two!  Plus without the mess of the rest of the digital work and even more time to be put into improving the lineart, this is really working out. ^-^

Haven't done a hentai/adult themed pic for some time so do forgive this deviant if some the lines aren't as sharp/sexy.  This is Fluttershy from MLP and its based on the start of Season 4 where vile vines are taking over the land.  Tentacle ideas were no doubt already on their way after this episode, lol.


Fluttershy/MLP © Hasbro/Lauren Faust